GoPro Adapter
GoPro Adapter
 For the strongest possible connection between Camera and mount.
  • High resistance to vibration and impact.
  • Fits all models of Flymount and GoPro.
  • Compatible with all cameras using the GoPro mounting system.
  • Ultra tough glass reinforced Nylon-66.
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Price: $14.00

Rock Solid.

Our adapters give the best possible connection between camera and mount.
Extremely high resistance to vibration and shock.
Full 360 degree angle adjustment, and the lowest possible swing weight.

Is there any angle adjustment? 
YES! The GoPro Adapter rotates 360 degrees, giving full universal movement when combined with the camera's forwards and backwards adjustment:

Why not use a Tripod Adapter to connect to my Flymount Original? 
Tripod adapters compromise the security of your camera, and reduce overall performance of the product. 
They raise the height of the camera, increasing the swing weight and camera movement, 
but most importantly, they can unwind and come off. 
We strongly recommend not using tripod adapters with our mounts.
I have an early Flymount Original - will it fit the GoPro Adapter?
YES! All Flymount Originals are compatible with our GoPro Adapters.
I have an old GoPro - will it fit the GoPro Adapter?
YES! All models of GoPro are compatible with our GoPro Adapters.
I have a camera that's similar to a GoPro - will it fit the GoPro Adapter?
Almost certainly. If your camera looks like it would fit, the chances are it will. 
The important factor is the number of protrusions at the base of the camera case. For your camera to work, it will need to have 2 protrusions, just like the GoPro cameras.
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